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Los Angeles, CA 02.07.14 - 03.17.14
Los Angeles. An American city built around the automobile.
Made in America.
Made some friends at Golden Road Brewing. They hooked it up with some Kölsch yeast for my first homebrew in LA.
Mash consisted of 9.5 lbs of German Pilsner Malt and .5 lbs of Malted Wheat.
The water in LA tastes so bad I had to use bottled water.
My friend Calvin let me stay at his house so I made him slow cooked pork butt with mole sauce as a gesture of thanks.
I spent a lot of time at Calvin's studio working and studying.
Clay masks by Calvin.
Staining frames.
A ULCA MFA student welding a sculpture.
New works.
Calvin's paints.
I went to a dinner party on Mt. Washington. They had a rope swing in their backyard.
I swaped out the rear bench in my van for one that folds into a bed. I found the new bench at a junk yard in Pasadena.
I got to use the UCLA MFA studios to fabricate spacers.
Install successful. Who wants to take a nap?
I spent some quality time with my sister Rachel at her favorite fried chicken spot in South Central.
We went to LACMA and stood under Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer. We also saw the Calder exhibit and some of the James Turrell exhibit.
I brewed an IPA with Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, Crystal, and a Mosaic dry hop.
I used Chico Ale yeast I got from Angel City Brewing.
Two of Calvin's friends came over and I taught them how to brew.
I went to an art show in Chinatown by artist Cayetano. He 3D projected this animation onto a canvas that was slightly curved to the shape seen here. The effect was so realistic looking that when against the black wall it looked as if it were floating there in space. A very mesmerizing piece. My kinda art.
My friends Dylan and Cierra live in Long Beach. They have a beautiful house.
We surfed at Bolsa Chica many days.
I made this little video of our surf adventures. It was my first time shooting while in the ocean and I found it to be quite difficult. Not to mention the waves were big and choppy. Irie vibes troutman.
I helped set up an elastic bungie to help Dylan boost of a gap in Long Beach.
Hung out with Manface as he gave a kid a Trash Talk tattoo in his home studio.
Did a little art of my own drawing Calvin's living room.
Calvin's living room.
I then turned the drawing into two paintings. Only working off of the previous painting/drawing to complete the next.
The artists palette. Mezcal has been the drink of choice lately.
Dry hopping the IPA with Mosaic hops.
A visit to the Schindler house in West Hollywood.
Calvin and I took care of a dog for a week. His name was Happy.
Happy dreaming of eating geese.
Happy enjoyed playing fetch. Even in the rain.
As many of you know Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. I conducted an architecutal tour of most of the filming locations. Here is the Bradbury Building where they filmed JF Sebastian's apartment.
A grandiose attrium filled with natural light and very detailed iron and stone work.
It's exposed elevator shaft and giant glass roof.
Beautiful staircase with iron, wood, and stone work.
The attrium was crowded with an architectural drawing class. (not pictured) Must have been fun to draw.
The 2nd street tunnel was right around the corner from the Bradbury Building. This location is from a short shot where Deckard is driving in his Spinner. It's lined with white subway tile that have clearly seen better days. The tunnel lights give off a greenish hue and a futuristic feeling.
Me at Union Station where they filmed the scene of Deckard meeting with Bryant. Check out the beautiful chandeliers, large archway, wooden ceiling, and tiled floor. I need your magic.
Calvin and I made these dank sushi bowls with sushi rice, sashimi salmon, tuna, avacado, tabiko, quail egg, sesame seed, and pickled cabage.
Calvin's next art show is a bar themed art show. Here are two artists constructing the bar.
My contribution to the art show is the beer. I brewed 10 gallons of Kölsch in one day. Good fun.
Calvin also put me on a project to create a full pattern fabric for a suit he wants to make. He gave me a few sketches of martini glass and olives with pits. I seperated the sketches into 3 layers and composed them into a tiled pattern. The images were then sized and sent to the printers so silk screens could be made.
The fashion district in LA is packed with stores packed with fabric. We scored some very fine off white linen for a very reasonanble price.
The fabric was hand washed and hung to dry in order to avoid streching in the future.
A silk screen supplies store mixed our 3 colors to specific pantone colors.
Prints rubbed with oil work as transparencies.
We got to work in a professional artist studio to create our silk screens.
Definitely the largest exposure unit I have ever used.
Washing out the screens after exposure.
The finished printed fabric.
Langer's Deli is considered to make the best pastrami ruben in the world. I ate one.
My sister and I eating Jew food.
This koi granted me a wish at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.
Racking this beer at Dylan's house was pretty psychedelic.
Dylan put on a skate competition for Element skateboard. It was the first of the touring Make It Count series that will travel around the country selecting a winning kid from major cities. The winner of each city will then be flown to The Berics where they will compete for a full year sponsership by Element Skateboards. Here is a photograph of Dyaln taking a photograph.
Little grom ripping. He had to be about 10 years old.
Artist Mike Kershner paints a piece that he later gave away to the skater that inspired him the most.
A local artist created this "Wine" out of everclear, artificial wine flavoring, tannins, simple sugar, and water. My favorite art piece I saw while in LA. It has so much to say about wine culture and society as a whole. How it can be synthesized and mocked. How it can be deceptive in value. Plus this art piece gets you drunk!
By far the best tacos I've ever had. Guisados in Boyle Heights. Complex and well balanced in their flavors. Available in over 15 different varities. And can be ordered spicy as fuck.
Calvin, Happy, and I made a skate video while shredding at Lincoln Park in Lincoln Heights.
If you can wade the seas of traffic and trek the sprawl of mini malls, you'll find that Los Angeles is a treasure chest. The dust and dirt is layered thick, but if you blow it off it will shine. I found it radiating mostly from its people. Ambitious youths of all ages, international travelers creating new stories, lost actors, found artists, bros, hoes, Hispanics, Hasids, Chinese, rich, poor, beautiful, smart, talented, keep going you're almost at the top kind of people. The culture here is well saturated and I love it. I've met so many intelligent and engaging people I feel lucky. And I also feel happy I've had the opportunity to share myself with these people. I brought my talent for beer and passion for art to Los Angeles. A reciprocal relationship in exchanging knowledge, skill, and excitement. My beer will be featured at an art show next month where it will stand next to the prolific painters and sculptors of today. I brewed up 10 gallons of Kölsch just for the opening party. I will be back in Los Angeles in a few weeks to tend to the beer and brew up another 10 gallons. I have found that with my ability to create great beer I also create society. And through this revelation I have learned how important humanity is. Whether it be formed by taking care of someone's dog or making a new friend over a stange full of Kölsch. Los Angeles is the embodiment of humanity and I'm glad to be a part of it.


The Vanagon Years
As many of you know I moved out of San Francisco, bought an 89 VW Vanagon, and left to travel the world. I'm starting by heading to the deserts of the southwest United States. I've packed my van full of camping gear and art supplies. I plan to explore nature and document it through painting, photography, and other forms of creative expression. And though I've never been to the southwest, I know I'll love it. I've heard It's full of vast open planes, surreal rock formations, alien like vegetation, Native American/Mexican culture, land art, and much more I'm soon to discover. This is a time for me of exploration, introspection, and the practice of art. I hope to keep my friends, family, and followers informed of my travels through ficknish, instagram, and twitter. But because I will often be away from internet connectivity I will be sending post cards and art to those that give me a mailing address. ficknish@gmail. First stop Los Angeles.